Gilraker on the “Rocks”

Actually I should say she’s off the dock and up on the dry awaiting quite a bit of work. . . . New hoses and clamps, flushing the cooling system. . . and whatever himself says needs to be done.     We are not sure if we will be keeping her or selling her.   It’s not that we don’t love her. . . .but we are not using her as much as we could or should.   It’s a waste of money and energy to keep something so expensive and not use it. . .  we may end up buying a good RV to snowbird . . .    we will see.


Perhaps I will begin a different blog under a different theme. . . .  again we will see


How times flies. . .

Oh my goodness had 2016 gone by fast.   We did very little boating and we missed it terribly.   However we did a lot of boat repair, renovation and modification.   There were a couple of trips to Washington, NC, Oriental NC and a few trips to the Boat Works for repairs.

We fished on the small deck boat and made a number of runs in and around the local community enjoying the sun.   We even took it to Persimmons (a local lunch venue) for an Anniversary celebration.    It was nice to sit out on the deck even though it was October.

Our Christmas gift to each other is a series of cabinets with drawers or cubbies to be installed in Gilraker.    Then she will be ready for a long trip!   FINALLY. . . .  So we are going to do whatever it takes to prepare ourselves to just pick up and go!    I am so excited I can’t wait.   Of course, there would be a need to figure out prescriptions, mail delivery and packing up what goodies we need to have aboard to enjoy life aboard.

Oh and taxes, have to take care of taxes. . .Uncle Sam will always get his . ..   Once that is done and sent in, we can go.

Stay tuned and we will take an adventure together!     Bye for now . . .




When it Rains. . . .

We rented out the farmhouse in April to a lovely young couple.   We have known her parents for years; Troy had been in the Army with her Dad.   Anyway, she always wanted to be a country girl and we are glad she is now!

So since then we have had a number of problems with the building.   First it was a roof leak.   It had leaked before, but we thought we had fixed it. . . . twice!    Ugh, hopefully it’s better now.

Then the tray under the AC unit filled up and wet the walls all around the air handling unit.   So the walls started molding. . . . ugh.  We weren’t sure at first if it was the water heater.     I felt horrible that our tenant was going through all this!

But hey, Mother Nature  . . . or was it Murphy?    Anyway whoever it was had another surprise in mind for us. . . .  The refrigerator stopped working.   The tenant thought it was just the freezer.   So she started cooking all the meats that she could!    We’ve offered to let her use the freezer in the RV until we get it squared away.     Just today I learned that we have a choice of repairing or replacing it.     And they will provide the cost to repair toward the cost of a new one.

So we should have a good few years before something else goes wrong there.    The AC at the farm is almost new and so is the dish washer.    We are blessed that we can afford to replace things.    And we have good tenants who are understanding.   Or this could have been more of a mess.

It’s been a horribly rainy summer. . .  so when it rains it pours!   I wish it hadn’t been so hot or we would be out on the boat enjoying life.    Perhaps we should go anyway!

Okay, until another day. . .. .that is all!   Mary


August and September will be busy

So far August has been uneventful except for one quick trip to the farm to take a steer to the “big house”.    He will, or actually his meat, will be picked up this week.   Thus is the end of a “quiet” summer.

Our next event will be a motorcycle trip across the States from NC to Montana.    WE both are not going.   But Troy will be enjoying the ride along with two of his friends.   Hopefully he will be able to send me notes as his trip progresses so we can let you know how enjoyable it is!    They will be camping in trailers or tents along the way.   Their ultimate goal will be to attend Wing Ding 38.   It’s the Honda Gold Wing version of Sturgis which is held in South Dakota.     I hope to see many pictures of their travels and the events.  Here is a link to their site:

After that we’ll be heading North (without Thomas :>o ) and traveling the Erie Canal for about a week.   I am really looking forward to that trip.    I’ll post a number of pictures during that event for sure!

I also look forward to a much cooler fall than the summer we have had.    ugh.   Summer in NC is awful.    It’s been so bad that at 10:00 at night when I walk the dog it’s actually “nice” even if the temperature is 85 degrees!


April in New Bern

It’s not Paris.. . . but this is the closest I’ll get to Paris.   So I will enjoy it where I am.   And after all, it is Spring!    Who doesn’t love spring?   I feel badly for those who suffer allergies at this time of year.   It’s a shame to miss all the beauty of the season.

I love Spring in North Carolina. . . .  The flowers are all blooming very early this year. . . The Daffodils and Bartlett Pears are all spent but the Forsythia, early Azaleas, and the Iris’ are all in bloom.   I do believe that there is also a Flowering Cherry blooming.  And everything else is greening up nicely.

We have a very nice young couple living at the farm now and we will soon be preparing for our cruise.   Until then there are boxes to unpack and I need to find places to store things.  There may also be a second round of purging of clothes and household items.   We’ve done that once before bringing them here to the townhouse, but if there is no room we will donate the extras for someone else to enjoy.

Gilraker is still on the hard having some work done.  The last time we were aboard we found another leak.   Yes, we know that happens some times, but we wish we had found it earlier.   We hope that it can be repaired well enough to allow us to take her on our trip.   We shall see soon. . . .


New Place, New Space

We’ve become pretty comfortable here at the townhouse since April.   I’m not sure we have a good routine down yet.   I’d like to be getting more exercise and more organized in the kitchen.   Wouldn’t we all?

We do have a schedule of sorts for household duties.   And I have a few regular weekly events I attend.   But since we still have farm responsibilities it’s not as easy as I thought to start new activities here.   Perhaps some day.

I’ve already begun sorting all the fabric I have in my sewing room.   I found there is more space in the closet than I thought!    I also found a lot more scrap fabric than I ever dreamed I had.    There will more more than once donate quilt this year for sure.

I suppose blogging should be as regular as our cleaning schedule.  Maybe I should add a time to my calendar for making notes like this.    Not a bad idea. . . I’m so glad you suggested it!

Troy will be going to the farm to pick up meat from a steer and to repair a wall in the closet.   We had an AC issue that caused a wall to get wet and I pray that it’s not too moldy.   I feel horrible that it happened once we left.   The poor tenants had to put up with that in their closet!     We pray that the AC issue is fixed now.

Okay I”m off to add blogging to my calendar and will see you again soon. . . . .

This Could Be The Year

Happy New Year!   Oh yes. . .. I pray that this will be the year we do it.   We are talking about our ‘big’ cruise from NC to Buffalo, NY.

With all the work we’ve done on Gilraker, there are only a few minor things left to make her just right (in my opinion).   She is comfortable and runs well.   The boat has lights, a place to cook, refrigeration, a head and sleeping quarters for two.  There is also a television and XM radio.   BUT, I would love to have more storage for cooking utencils and comfort items.

There are storage cabinets underneath the operator and navigator seats.   But to get to whatever is in there one must plunge oneself  past ones shoulders to get anything out of them.   We are looking at a couple of options.   One is option is to use plastic boxes with sealable lids.    The other is a sliding storage ‘drawer’ system that we could get at one of the home improvement stores.    One would allow us to hold more and the other still requires one to get in up to ones shoulders under the seat.    I’m not sure that I like either option, but I’d take the one which doesn’t require me to get on my knees to do what I need to do.

Since we are also preparing the farm to rent out, we may only have April to make that fix to Gilraker.    Meanwhile, here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy!

HAPPY 2016!