Welcome to Another Side of My Life!

I first stepped aboard a boat with my husband when we took a sailing class at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland in the summer of 1991. We were to be married in the fall and were considering a sail boat as our gift to each other. . . It was a nice 22 foot Catalina sail boat with a bunk and small galley. Please don’t ask me for more details of THAT adventure. . . needless to say we no longer sail . . . but have moved to power boating.

We’ve had a few power boats from bass boats to trawlers. . . and then we “bought the farm” except in this case it wasn’t figurative, it is literal. . . we bought a 10 acre piece of America and love it!!!  So our 34 ft Mainship Trawler had to go to someone else.  We didn’t have time for her. . . and I wore a black armband in mourning for almost three years. . . . Well now THAT is figurative. . .but if you ask husband he would say it was also literal!

We purchased Gilraker last summer and have enjoyed a few good weekends on her.  She’s a 30-foot Evans fishing boat which has been turned into a nice small cruiser.  And we intend to do some real cruising aboard her!!!  So stay tuned to this blog and we’ll share some adventures with you. . . Perhaps you can join us on occasion. . . We may not leave right away, but even short trips will be shared. . .

Thanks for reading . . . Fair Winds and Following Seas to you. . . .


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