Continued Renovations

Let us Never Forget . . . . May the Souls of all lost Rest in Peace

     Gilraker is gradually getting blinds, carpet, a new refrigerator and custom mattresses.  If nothing else we believe in comfort as we travel.  She is looking quite dapper if I may say so. . . I do believe that she will also get new canvas before we leave on our trip to Buffalo.  Oh yes, she is being readied for an excursion to the great North.

As our work and plans develop I’ll share what I can and what is interesting.  We have also purchased an ice maker to keep things cold and to enjoy in our beverages.  It uses tap water that you pour into it, so we know what water is making the ice.  We’ve taken her up the river since we moved her and she’s just antsy to take a real trip.  We may make a short one over Columbus Day weekend.  Maybe get to Oriental and walk around the town.

Since we’ve taken the curtains down I hope to make them into the window covers for the sleeping quarters.  Once in a while my sweetheart has a good idea and that one was his!!!

I hope to have more updates later and we’ll share a few more pictures. . . . .until then

Fair Seas and Following Winds

Mary Ooch


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