Weekend Trip

One of our favorite weekends on the water is Columbus Day Weekend. Isn’t it appropriate to be on a boat to celebrate the founding of the Western Hemisphere’s “America” by Europeans?

We had a serious electrical problem as we were just about to leave the dock.  No 12 volt electricity!  Not good.  It’s a good thing I saw our mechanic and electrical wizard, Chuck, in the marina before we left.  I called him and he made it to us in record time.  Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy to fix as it was for him to arrive.  Two hours later and probably a few bruises from crawling in and out of the bilge and we were finally ready to go.  I always feel badly for those who climb in and out of bilges.  It’s wet, dark and nasty smelling.  But that is a post for another day!  On to Oriental. .. .

It was a wonderful, sunny day when we departed the marina and headed North (or is it East?).  I didn’t look at the compass so my sense of direction tells me it’s a bit North East so perhaps we did both!

The Nuese River can be a mean lady when the weather is bad.  She is relatively shallow and along with the wind and changes in tides, she can be rough to travel on.   But we picked a perfect weekend for our trip!

It took us about 3 hours to run up the river to Oriental.  The day was so bright that the markers were easy to see from a distance.  The only reason I need to use the chart, was to refresh my skills in navigating.  And I am so rusty I’m glad I did.

We arrived in Oriental in time to wander about shortly and settled on dinner in the restaurant at the marina.  It was very good!   And in the morning, of course, there was a bagel from The Bean.   Although I could have spent lots of $$ I did pick up a magnet and a plate for the front of my car.   I love souvenirs!

Our return trip was just as nice and uneventful as the trip across.  I was so happy that Bob and Mona had a positive adventure for their first time out aboard their boat.  It may have chased them away from boating. . .and I didn’t want that to happen.

Our nautical tribute to the discovery of America was fun.  I still love boating as much as I did years ago when we first started out.  Perhaps I’ll tell the story of that some day. .. . what do you think?


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