April 2013

Well well. . … with all the new toys we got each other at Christmas the Gilraker is getting very close to being ready for us to enjoy. She has a great stereo system and now has a wonderful set of screens all around the cockpit. It will be our nice ‘porch’ for every evening as we sit before and after dinner over a lovely glass of wine and soft music in the background. It’s a nice thought, but my guess is that it will probably be a NASCAR race! Or if I have my way we’ll have the Classic Radio Channel on playing some 1930’s mystery series like Johnny Dollar or even Gun Smoke with William Conrad at Matt Dillon!

We have discovered that the auto-pilot has some challenges and we hope that it is a quick fix.   And there was an issue with the transmission that created a real problem the last time we attempted to dock.   But our mechanic has done some work on it and we think that will be alright too.   But isn’t that the fun of having a boat?   Bring On Another Thousand. .. . as they say!

I look forward to a trip somewhere in the near future.   The weather has just gotten super for it, so I am hoping we get out and can really enjoy Gilraker very soon!!!!   More pictures in the next post. . . . .


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