River Dunes Marina, Oriental, NC

The week after memorial Day we traveled with our friends Bob and Mona, they aboard WaterDawg 6 and we aboard Gilraker to River Dunes Marina. It was a very nice day as we pulled out of New Bern. Sun and a slight breeze.
The run up the Neuse river was wonderful. Gilraker has had plenty of work done and we were overjoyed that she operated so well. Our buddy Thomas was visiting my favorite bed and biscuit, so we had the boat to ourselves. The 4 and a half hour trip was smooth and pleasant.   When we arrived we were greeted by the staff and docked at a very nice floating dock.  There was power and water available that was easy to hook up and we were quickly settled in.



Mona and I walked up to the office to check in and the guys wandered about to see what the marina offered.  What they found included a great shower and bath house, a beautiful pool and a gorgeous club house.    We couldn’t wait to get in the pool so that was our first stop.   There were great cabanas, but no Cabana Boys!   What’s that all about?

Where are the Cabana Boys?

Where are the Cabana Boys?

We loved the pool; gee why can’t I can’t I have one at my house?   0529131922a[1]

It was a shame that the restaurant was not opened during the week.  So we borrowed the courtesy car and drove into Oriental for dinner.   It was fun and our meal was pretty good. . .. . .There are so many places to choose from we’ll have to try another the next time.   After dinner we took the time to drive around River Dunes and see all the beautiful homes built there.  If you’d like to live in a bit of paradise and don’t mind being away from it all, this may be the place for you!

It was such a nice place I didn’t want to leave. . . . .  But hey employment gets in the way of life sometimes doesn’t it?   Well I suppose it does make earning money a bit easier!   Sorry we had to get back to real life!   Perhaps we will return another day.  Thank River Dunes for such a nice place we can visit!


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