Short Operation Check Trip

I love taking over night trips aboard Gilraker. . . . . However when they are only one night, it’s generally more for the boat than it is for us.

Nonetheless we did take one of those trips recently.     Right after we got her back out of the repair shop, all painted and pretty, we decided to take a run from New Bern to a spot just North of Oriental NC.  Normally a trip to River Dunes is a luxurious escape for me. .. . . with a very nice club house, swimming pool, cabanas (sans cabana boys unfortunately) and a lovely shower room and lovely breeze from the Pamlico. . …

Repainted Gilraker

Repainted Gilraker


Polly wants a cracker with his water!

Galley with dish storage

Galley with dish storage

From Gilraker

my view underway

view to the stern under way

view to the stern under way


River Dunes is a lovely place with a restaurant on the second floor which is open on weekends.

Unfortunately it was a very short run. . .. .   Three hours under power.    93 degrees with 85% or more humidity.    At night it didn’t go down below 75 . … and the ‘captain’ didn’t want to turn on the AC.   Hw was worried that it would over heat.    He was worried that the AC would over heat (but not me?).   Okay I love him, he is my sweetie, but it was very difficult to sleep that way. . . .at least we had a fan!

We left before 8:30 and returned to our dock before 1PM.    Back to a house with a bed that was in an air conditioned environment!    It was a nice quick trip.   Not bad as long as we were only gone a day.   The dog did well too considering it was as hot as it was.

We did learn where we could get some good AC repair or service.   That was a positive.   And that the boat runs well and is still fun to travel on!   I hope once we get the AC fixed that we can take a longer trip.   Although I suspect that by then we won’t need the AC!     such is life. . .  ’til next time. . . .

Mary Ooch, out


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