This Could Be The Year

Happy New Year!   Oh yes. . .. I pray that this will be the year we do it.   We are talking about our ‘big’ cruise from NC to Buffalo, NY.

With all the work we’ve done on Gilraker, there are only a few minor things left to make her just right (in my opinion).   She is comfortable and runs well.   The boat has lights, a place to cook, refrigeration, a head and sleeping quarters for two.  There is also a television and XM radio.   BUT, I would love to have more storage for cooking utencils and comfort items.

There are storage cabinets underneath the operator and navigator seats.   But to get to whatever is in there one must plunge oneself  past ones shoulders to get anything out of them.   We are looking at a couple of options.   One is option is to use plastic boxes with sealable lids.    The other is a sliding storage ‘drawer’ system that we could get at one of the home improvement stores.    One would allow us to hold more and the other still requires one to get in up to ones shoulders under the seat.    I’m not sure that I like either option, but I’d take the one which doesn’t require me to get on my knees to do what I need to do.

Since we are also preparing the farm to rent out, we may only have April to make that fix to Gilraker.    Meanwhile, here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy!

HAPPY 2016!


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