New Place, New Space

We’ve become pretty comfortable here at the townhouse since April.   I’m not sure we have a good routine down yet.   I’d like to be getting more exercise and more organized in the kitchen.   Wouldn’t we all?

We do have a schedule of sorts for household duties.   And I have a few regular weekly events I attend.   But since we still have farm responsibilities it’s not as easy as I thought to start new activities here.   Perhaps some day.

I’ve already begun sorting all the fabric I have in my sewing room.   I found there is more space in the closet than I thought!    I also found a lot more scrap fabric than I ever dreamed I had.    There will more more than once donate quilt this year for sure.

I suppose blogging should be as regular as our cleaning schedule.  Maybe I should add a time to my calendar for making notes like this.    Not a bad idea. . . I’m so glad you suggested it!

Troy will be going to the farm to pick up meat from a steer and to repair a wall in the closet.   We had an AC issue that caused a wall to get wet and I pray that it’s not too moldy.   I feel horrible that it happened once we left.   The poor tenants had to put up with that in their closet!     We pray that the AC issue is fixed now.

Okay I”m off to add blogging to my calendar and will see you again soon. . . . .


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