April in New Bern

It’s not Paris.. . . but this is the closest I’ll get to Paris.   So I will enjoy it where I am.   And after all, it is Spring!    Who doesn’t love spring?   I feel badly for those who suffer allergies at this time of year.   It’s a shame to miss all the beauty of the season.

I love Spring in North Carolina. . . .  The flowers are all blooming very early this year. . . The Daffodils and Bartlett Pears are all spent but the Forsythia, early Azaleas, and the Iris’ are all in bloom.   I do believe that there is also a Flowering Cherry blooming.  And everything else is greening up nicely.

We have a very nice young couple living at the farm now and we will soon be preparing for our cruise.   Until then there are boxes to unpack and I need to find places to store things.  There may also be a second round of purging of clothes and household items.   We’ve done that once before bringing them here to the townhouse, but if there is no room we will donate the extras for someone else to enjoy.

Gilraker is still on the hard having some work done.  The last time we were aboard we found another leak.   Yes, we know that happens some times, but we wish we had found it earlier.   We hope that it can be repaired well enough to allow us to take her on our trip.   We shall see soon. . . .



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