August and September will be busy

So far August has been uneventful except for one quick trip to the farm to take a steer to the “big house”.    He will, or actually his meat, will be picked up this week.   Thus is the end of a “quiet” summer.

Our next event will be a motorcycle trip across the States from NC to Montana.    WE both are not going.   But Troy will be enjoying the ride along with two of his friends.   Hopefully he will be able to send me notes as his trip progresses so we can let you know how enjoyable it is!    They will be camping in trailers or tents along the way.   Their ultimate goal will be to attend Wing Ding 38.   It’s the Honda Gold Wing version of Sturgis which is held in South Dakota.     I hope to see many pictures of their travels and the events.  Here is a link to their site:

After that we’ll be heading North (without Thomas :>o ) and traveling the Erie Canal for about a week.   I am really looking forward to that trip.    I’ll post a number of pictures during that event for sure!

I also look forward to a much cooler fall than the summer we have had.    ugh.   Summer in NC is awful.    It’s been so bad that at 10:00 at night when I walk the dog it’s actually “nice” even if the temperature is 85 degrees!



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