When it Rains. . . .

We rented out the farmhouse in April to a lovely young couple.   We have known her parents for years; Troy had been in the Army with her Dad.   Anyway, she always wanted to be a country girl and we are glad she is now!

So since then we have had a number of problems with the building.   First it was a roof leak.   It had leaked before, but we thought we had fixed it. . . . twice!    Ugh, hopefully it’s better now.

Then the tray under the AC unit filled up and wet the walls all around the air handling unit.   So the walls started molding. . . . ugh.  We weren’t sure at first if it was the water heater.     I felt horrible that our tenant was going through all this!

But hey, Mother Nature  . . . or was it Murphy?    Anyway whoever it was had another surprise in mind for us. . . .  The refrigerator stopped working.   The tenant thought it was just the freezer.   So she started cooking all the meats that she could!    We’ve offered to let her use the freezer in the RV until we get it squared away.     Just today I learned that we have a choice of repairing or replacing it.     And they will provide the cost to repair toward the cost of a new one.

So we should have a good few years before something else goes wrong there.    The AC at the farm is almost new and so is the dish washer.    We are blessed that we can afford to replace things.    And we have good tenants who are understanding.   Or this could have been more of a mess.

It’s been a horribly rainy summer. . .  so when it rains it pours!   I wish it hadn’t been so hot or we would be out on the boat enjoying life.    Perhaps we should go anyway!

Okay, until another day. . .. .that is all!   Mary



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