How times flies. . .

Oh my goodness had 2016 gone by fast.   We did very little boating and we missed it terribly.   However we did a lot of boat repair, renovation and modification.   There were a couple of trips to Washington, NC, Oriental NC and a few trips to the Boat Works for repairs.

We fished on the small deck boat and made a number of runs in and around the local community enjoying the sun.   We even took it to Persimmons (a local lunch venue) for an Anniversary celebration.    It was nice to sit out on the deck even though it was October.

Our Christmas gift to each other is a series of cabinets with drawers or cubbies to be installed in Gilraker.    Then she will be ready for a long trip!   FINALLY. . . .  So we are going to do whatever it takes to prepare ourselves to just pick up and go!    I am so excited I can’t wait.   Of course, there would be a need to figure out prescriptions, mail delivery and packing up what goodies we need to have aboard to enjoy life aboard.

Oh and taxes, have to take care of taxes. . .Uncle Sam will always get his . ..   Once that is done and sent in, we can go.

Stay tuned and we will take an adventure together!     Bye for now . . .





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